Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beginning With Me!

Let's start at the Beginning with Me. If you expect change in your life the best place to start is with yourself. About 2 years ago my sister in law began her weight loss experience. She did so well that it inspired me to do it. Also for motivation came from our best friends that wanted us to go on a cruise in September of 2010.
I began in August of 2009 at 174.5 lbs. By December I was 147! Most of it came from eliminating sugar, soda, snacking and portions! Holidays beat me and I gave into the sugars, then followed everything else. I did get down to 138. However, I had lost my momentum. We also were giving invirto a run to see if it would work for us.
Here we are a year later, invitro didn't work 3 times, and I'm now back up to 157 lbs with a nice spare tire that didn't come from any baby weight. Needless to say I have come around to knowing that my poor eating habits have given me high cholesteroll and I  borderline high Thyroid levels.

My wonderful sister in law has helped me find that motivation again by spear heading a weight loss competition. This is my blog for that. I will fight to get the body I deserve and the health I need. By beginning with me I can help those around me. By beginning with me I can find my own happiness and stop putting others before my needs. Thus become a better Wife, Foster Mom, and caregiver to those in my life by being a happier healthier me!


  1. Jeannette!!
    I'm so glad we are doing this together. [again]. I love you! You deserve allt he happiness in the world. Lets kick some ass!