Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking Forward

I thought that I'd post before it forget. This week we are having a retreat with my husbands parents and his siblings. It's most of the week, then there's the I figured I'd post now so that I had some time before I had to post again.

Funny thing happened yesterday while I was right in the middle of my workout dvd and I wasn't sure if I just really stretched a muscle or what, but I finished the workout and tried to stretch it out. Now I'm thinking that it may be my siaticka (sp?)nerve. The pain is almost constant and it goes from my butt all the way to my ankle. I was hoping that when I did my workout today that it would fix it. I'm not sure if it helped or not. Although I didn't do the same routine. I think I'll have to stop in at the chiropractor before we head out of town. Yet another thing that I need to do before we leave that will put it off that much longer. Isn't that how it always goes when your looking forward to getting away?
Also I want to say that when you're trying to do a workout that requires an aerobic step and you don't have one is just a bit less effective. Anyone have one they aren't using? I would be willing to give you a pedicure or nails. I do have my license! Anyway. I'm bummed out that one of my motivations to do this was suposssed to be a cruise next month, but I'm begininning to think that it might not happen now. I've cut out sweets until I go on it. So if it doesn't happen will I still cut out sweets or slowly introduce my favorites still?

Can't wait to see how I measure up this month! I think I've done well. I met my goal for the month a week ago, so I was trying to lose 1 more pound to increase my odds. Good luck to you all!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I went camping last week and was amazed at how much I used to snack all day long on junk food! Espically candy and chips. I made a great effort to take lots of fruit for myself to snack on instead and it worked! I was able to eat those instead of candy and less often then I would have the candy. I only exercised once while I was camping. However because of the other choices I made in food. I was the one preparing it all. Was able to make healthier options, and smaller portions then I would have previously. I will have to continue this in the future and then it will help me maintain what I've worked so hard to get at. I have to say because of this and drinking lots of water I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale and haddn't gained any weight! I think I'm getting the hang of this and plan to keep it up!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Changing it up!

I read an article that your muscle memory sets in about 3 weeks and to get the most out of a routine you need to change what your doing that often so you don't plateau. I switched to a different workout video and have attempted the jogging thing to. There were a few days this last week where I didn't do as well on the nutrition side of things which coinsided with not exercising either. I've think I've been able to get my water in on most days this week! I also have been trying to eat every 2-3 hours when possible. I'm hoping that by kicking up these things that I will be able to drop some more weight. It seems like I haven't dropped any in over a week. Guess I'm one of those rabbits, but I'm hoping that by the end I will still meet my goal for the month. I have vacation/camping coming up in the next month which as we all know is horrible for what we are trying to accomplish. Lets all find a way to make it work!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th (5th)!

I tried yesterday to post from my phone, but that didn't work out.

Beeing BBQ season and camping right around the corner, the thing to keep in mind is that I can enjoy the foods offered, Just change hamburgers and hot dogs to turkey. Instead of ribs try chicken or pork. Then don't season with bbq sauces use spices with no salt added (gotta watch the sodium too) Then if you've never looked before Doritos have fewer calories then potatoe chips. Then only have half serving of things like potatoe salad and baked beans. Load up on Watermelon and other fresh fruits! As someone said before; I've never heard anyone getting fat from eating fruits and veggies! You still get all the flavors you love! This is what I've been trying to do. Or just skipthings all together, you really don't miss them that much.

Here's something else I've been learning. I'd rather eat my calories, then drink them. So even though it's sugar free doesn't mean I can still have it. How many sugar free options of candy are out there now you can still overindulge in them. So just don't eat them!

Then get out there and exercise, I'm still trying to balance cardio with strength. I've found, if I haven't mentioned it before that I like Julian Michaels No more trouble zones. It still gets my heart racing and sweaty with out your standard cardio moves. I've tried jogging a few times, I think my endurance is getting better...but I have truely put it to the test. I've yet to find the runner in me. Good luck to all you ladies that do!