Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Helping others

This past week I had to help this older lady that I work for pack up her apartment to move to an assisted living apartment. It's taken twice as long as I expected, with not drinking enough water throughout the day and eating out while on the run. So now that I have a few days left I'm trying to eat better and drink more water in hopes to end the month on a good note. It's a loss but how much is the question. I can't wait to see where we all land for the journey and hope that everyone keeps it up, so we don't have to use a competition to motivate us along our way. I'm going to keep posting till my journey is through, so I hope to hear from you all too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

slow and steady

I'm not sure what to say, things are slow and steady. I've been getting in my workouts everyday this last week, even if it's at 11pm at night! There has been some weight loss, I hope that it's enough to end this on a high note. I will try to eat better in the next 10 days in hopes that I can shed a bit more. It's going to be interesting to see how the next month is after this is all done. I'm in the middle of the Insanity program, and I really want to finish it out. Especially if it'll tone me up like I'd like to. I'm in the middle of the 3rd week, for those of you who know what that means. Next week is the "recovery" week and then you start the 2nd month with even more high intensity workouts!

Monday, September 12, 2011

on track

I just wanted to say it's nice to be back on track and losing weight again after the struggle I had last month when I allowed myself to over indulge. I've been doing ok on exercising almost everyday. The holiday weekend I didn't get as many in, but i've been doing better since. I put on a pair of my skinny jeans today! It's nice to know I will fit into pants for the winter.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I've had Insanity this whole time. I got the program over a year ago. The first day you do a fit test and that's all I had done before. This time I'm in it! I've made it through the first week and starting my second. I am getting up most mornings and getting in my workout then. Most times if I don't get up before my day starts I end up not begin able to fit it in with the rest of my day. I realize that this is not enough. I need to fit in some other kind of exercise like jogging or biking. I just need to figure out how to do it with the kids in tow. Find a balance is hard. But I need to figure it out so that I will stick with this for the rest of my life. Last month I indulged in sugar, this month I won't let that happen again. Ending the month without a loss was full of regrets. Let's not end this all with any regrets!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Making Priorities

I, like most of us, am lazy. I would rather stay in bed when I don't need to, then get out of bed and exercise. I have come to the realization that if I don't exercise in the morning at the beginning of the day, most days I won't exercise, and the days that I do is less then stellar. I'm hoping that I'll kick it into gear so that I can at least end the month with a loss. I just need to do it. Aggh! I regret letting my self slip at the beginning of the month. I've been putting some effort into exercising this last week. I think I got in 3 days. Then I realize I allow my husband and kids to be excuses of how it makes it easy to put it off.
On my short cruise I was introduced to a detox program that I haven't started yet, due to not wanting to be disqualified. It's a 3 month routine that in based on a algae regiment. I hope that maybe if I can't get a good routine going soon that I might give it a try in October. Seeing how the rest of the gang has struggled along the way and can bounce back lessons the guilt some, but I can do better and I'm off to try a workout. Here's to hoping it won't get interrupted much by my kids.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm happy to report the 8 lbs that I gained on vacation came off easily. I'm glad to getting back to my regular routine with eating. It is working out for me. I will be working out extra this last week to see if I can end the month with a loss. Anything at this point I will be happy with. But we all know the more the scale says we lost the better we feel. Espically when it comes to this competition.
So I have a two sided feeling about encouraging you all to lose weight, first I would love all of you to meet your goals and win this compatition and over come our battle of the bulge. Getting healthier and happier. Really the other side of me gets kinda excited with the lack of effort I see from others cause then I feel like it increases my chances at winning this thing. So now because I've finally struggled this month it's left the door open for you all to surpass me. I don't know where you're at with you percentages so far, but I'm about 11% over all. Those of you that have maybe been 4% for the last two months have a chance to pass that. So I guess I'm calling you all out to help motivate us all to do better these last months and finish strong! How about it?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Statistics are true.

I'm really surprised with how quickly the weight can come back on when your not watching what you eat. I went on a cruise and they say that the average person gains 2 pounds a day! I found out how true it is. I am sad to report that my cruise was 4 days and I did gain those dreaded 8 pounds. I hope that I can work off these quickly so I can be back on track by the end of the month. I just hope that with the new "boot camp" exercises I learned while on the cruise will help me shed those dreaded pounds. Going camping this week and I will do all I can to not gain more. Last time I went camping I was able to lose weight, so it's possible. Let you know how is goes. Guess the final weigh in will be the tell all.