Monday, June 6, 2011

No More Excuses

This week I felt was off to a great start. I was exercising, trying to make healthier choices in food, drinking all water. One thing  I decided to stop eating was sugars,most breads and sodas. Then I got the nasty sinus head cold that's been going around here. Then the excuses began. My head pounded to much, my body ached enough already. After spending two days on the couch watching movies I made the decision Get up and go! I did! I did a brisk walk for about 2 miles, took an hour break and walked another mile. It's great one of my kids LOVES to go fishing, among other outdoor things. We found a pond that has a paved trail! When he asked to go, even though it was Sunday I said yes and went! I can kill two things at once, he gets out and I get exercise. I can't wait till I'm able to run the whole time! I need to learn how to love cardio. I really struggle with it. However I'm finished making excuses. I can do it, like others have said before mind over matter. I have to tell myself I love this and push on longer.

 One of the things about being sick is that I always drink lots of water and eat less. So that helped even though I was a couch potato for 2 days. Sitting on the couch was hard not to snack on those sweets sitting next to me that I used to, I didn't give in.
Yes, I'm still stick and it's progressed to the point that it's coming out my left eye. Guess it didn't have anywhere else to go. If I expect any kind of results I must overcome. My goal for this week is to get my calories in and more exercise!


  1. Hey, sweetie. Just be careful with how hard you exercise while your sick. If you run yourself down too much, it will delay your body being able to fight it... and I don't want you being sick! :) Way to go on ignoring the treats next to you! That is a huge victory in itself!