Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls Camp

Girls camp went a lot better then I could have hoped for. The food options were not as fatty as I would have expected, they offered fruits with most meals and salads with a few meals too. I kept to my goal of not eating sugars. On my birthday (Wednesday) I was given 2 sugar free peppermint patties I did eat those. Funny I kinds even felt a bit guilty about it. It's then that I realized that it's not necessarily the sugar, it's the sweets. You can still eat too many sugar free items as you can regular.
My brother said to me just the other day; What are you going to do when you start putting sugar back into your eating? It's then that I realized that I'm not at a point where I could even think about doing that and not gain back the weight that I've lost.
So I know that I will one day add them, but I beginning to understand that it's a lot father off then I'd like it to be. However, when the time comes I will most defiantly eat WAY less then I have.
I did get in a great 2 hour hike and walked lots! I was please that when I weighed my self when I got home that I didn't gain a thing! Matter of fact I think I may have lost some. That made me very pleased and now I will keep to my guns and see this thing through.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pros and Cons

This week I've got lots of pros and cons to face. On Tuesday I will be heading to girls camp with our local church. I'm looking forward to spending time with these wonderful girls and leaders. However the two things that I'm not looking forward to is the meals that I won't be preparing myself and the lack of sleep and exercise I won't be able to get. The things I have control over is what I put in my mouth! I won't be eating all the candies that I know are going to be up there. I will do my darndest to keep within my caloric intake. To help with this I am bringing apples and oranges for my sweet treats. I don't think drinking will be an issue, I know there will be plenty of water. I was thinking of getting some sugar free hot cocoa to take, But I may just skip that cause of the extra calories it will give me. Yes, I will skip that.

The other night, at dinner with friends, we were celebrating in part my birthday. The waiter brought some fried ice cream...oh man was that a temptation. At first I just pushed it right over to Kenny, my husband, he knows I'm not eating sugars now. I found myself eyeing it intensely, I did get a small spoonful for myself and was really thinking about putting it in my mouth! I over came and didn't! I knew that I needed to show myself and others that even though it's a temptation and you really want it, you don't have to give in! I'm glad I didn't throw all my hard work away. I will continue to over come those temptations this week at girls camp. I think that by maybe others can see that they can put down the spoon too.

I know that when I get back from camp that I will need to double my exercises. Right now I have been getting about 30 min to an hour depending on the day of some sort of workout. I've found that I have really enjoyed Jillian Michaels "No more Trouble Zones" workout. I like it because it works all those trouble areas and it's not major cardio like jumping jacks and jump roping (except for in the warm up). I love feeling the sore muscles in those areas and know that my body is and can change. I just know that with as small as I am and in order to kick some but with this competition I will need to increase my activity. Burning the fat that's there is the only way to achieve my goals. I've also been hiking a few times that's good cause it's cardio with working out the legs. I just don't always have the time to go. I want to take advantage of a special at a local gym where it's only 10$ for the next 3 summer months. However, I find myself too lazy to get out of, or not go back to sleep. This one I blame on my husband, but that's another excuse I need to over come.

So you can see by committing myself to not give in to those sweets and breads that I can overcome all the pros and cons this week and in life. I'll let you know how it went next week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pushing through

This week has been ok. I'm still figuring out getting the good calories in which sometimes leads to not eating anything. I was finally able to go to the store and get some fruit and string cheese. Also I went to the bread store and got some Sara Lee Delightful bread. This way I can have a sandwhich for lunch, but only 80 calories for 2 slices instead of 200! Loving it. They have buns and bagles too, but I didn't get any this time. Here's a list of Fast Food items that if you are stuck with that option you can make better choices.
Hamburger   250
Snack Wrap (grilled)   270 Ranch  
Chicken Nuggets (4pk) 190 –(6 pk) 280 buffalo  60
Southwest salad   320 (11s) w/o ck 140 (6s)
Bacon Ranch Salad 260 (5s) w/o ck 140 (4s)
Side Salad  20  Bal. Vin.  40 (3s) ITL. 60 (1s)
Sausage Burrito  300 (2s)
Egg McMuffin  300 (3s) Sausage patty 170
Sausage McMuffin 370 (2s)
Hash browns 150  
Reg. Roast Beef   350 (5s)
Jr. Roast Beef   300 (5s)
Arby’s Melt   320 (6s)
Roast Chicken Ranch Sandwich   340 (4s)
Ham & Swiss Melt   300 (6s)
All-American Roast Burger   390 (10s)
Turkey Club Salad  250 (5s) Bal.Vin. Dressing  (5s) 130
Chicken Salad –Grilled or Roasted   260 (5s)  
Side Salad   70 (2s)

BLT Cobb ½ salad 230
Apple Pecan Chicken ½ salad 180 (no pecans)
Pomegranate Vinaigrette 60
Garden Side Salad 25
5 piece Chicken Nuggets 230 bbq sauce 45
Jr. Hamburger 230
Ultimate Chicken Grill 370     
Burger King
Wopper Jr. 260–mayo 260
Hamburger  260
Chicken Tenders 4-180 5-230 6-270
Value Onion Ring 150
Chicken Garden Salad 300 No dressing
Garden Salad 70
Spicy Chick’n Crisp sandwich 300 –mayo
Tendergrill chicken sandwich 360 –mayo
Side salad 40  no dressing
BBQ 40 Buffalo 80
These are the places I frequent the most. However you can see that their isn't a whole lot you can eat when doing this. Better choices are salads with no, or little dressing. Or Subway!

Monday, June 6, 2011

No More Excuses

This week I felt was off to a great start. I was exercising, trying to make healthier choices in food, drinking all water. One thing  I decided to stop eating was sugars,most breads and sodas. Then I got the nasty sinus head cold that's been going around here. Then the excuses began. My head pounded to much, my body ached enough already. After spending two days on the couch watching movies I made the decision Get up and go! I did! I did a brisk walk for about 2 miles, took an hour break and walked another mile. It's great one of my kids LOVES to go fishing, among other outdoor things. We found a pond that has a paved trail! When he asked to go, even though it was Sunday I said yes and went! I can kill two things at once, he gets out and I get exercise. I can't wait till I'm able to run the whole time! I need to learn how to love cardio. I really struggle with it. However I'm finished making excuses. I can do it, like others have said before mind over matter. I have to tell myself I love this and push on longer.

 One of the things about being sick is that I always drink lots of water and eat less. So that helped even though I was a couch potato for 2 days. Sitting on the couch was hard not to snack on those sweets sitting next to me that I used to, I didn't give in.
Yes, I'm still stick and it's progressed to the point that it's coming out my left eye. Guess it didn't have anywhere else to go. If I expect any kind of results I must overcome. My goal for this week is to get my calories in and more exercise!