Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th (5th)!

I tried yesterday to post from my phone, but that didn't work out.

Beeing BBQ season and camping right around the corner, the thing to keep in mind is that I can enjoy the foods offered, Just change hamburgers and hot dogs to turkey. Instead of ribs try chicken or pork. Then don't season with bbq sauces use spices with no salt added (gotta watch the sodium too) Then if you've never looked before Doritos have fewer calories then potatoe chips. Then only have half serving of things like potatoe salad and baked beans. Load up on Watermelon and other fresh fruits! As someone said before; I've never heard anyone getting fat from eating fruits and veggies! You still get all the flavors you love! This is what I've been trying to do. Or just skipthings all together, you really don't miss them that much.

Here's something else I've been learning. I'd rather eat my calories, then drink them. So even though it's sugar free doesn't mean I can still have it. How many sugar free options of candy are out there now you can still overindulge in them. So just don't eat them!

Then get out there and exercise, I'm still trying to balance cardio with strength. I've found, if I haven't mentioned it before that I like Julian Michaels No more trouble zones. It still gets my heart racing and sweaty with out your standard cardio moves. I've tried jogging a few times, I think my endurance is getting better...but I have truely put it to the test. I've yet to find the runner in me. Good luck to all you ladies that do!

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  1. Great point about the BBQ diet. I've found it also helps, if you know there will be lots of snacking, a big-ish meal at the end of the day, to be extra diligent watching what you eat earlier. I mean, you still eat and snack, but go with the lower end calorie meals... that way a slightly bigger dinner isn't a diet crasher.