Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pushing through

This week has been ok. I'm still figuring out getting the good calories in which sometimes leads to not eating anything. I was finally able to go to the store and get some fruit and string cheese. Also I went to the bread store and got some Sara Lee Delightful bread. This way I can have a sandwhich for lunch, but only 80 calories for 2 slices instead of 200! Loving it. They have buns and bagles too, but I didn't get any this time. Here's a list of Fast Food items that if you are stuck with that option you can make better choices.
Hamburger   250
Snack Wrap (grilled)   270 Ranch  
Chicken Nuggets (4pk) 190 –(6 pk) 280 buffalo  60
Southwest salad   320 (11s) w/o ck 140 (6s)
Bacon Ranch Salad 260 (5s) w/o ck 140 (4s)
Side Salad  20  Bal. Vin.  40 (3s) ITL. 60 (1s)
Sausage Burrito  300 (2s)
Egg McMuffin  300 (3s) Sausage patty 170
Sausage McMuffin 370 (2s)
Hash browns 150  
Reg. Roast Beef   350 (5s)
Jr. Roast Beef   300 (5s)
Arby’s Melt   320 (6s)
Roast Chicken Ranch Sandwich   340 (4s)
Ham & Swiss Melt   300 (6s)
All-American Roast Burger   390 (10s)
Turkey Club Salad  250 (5s) Bal.Vin. Dressing  (5s) 130
Chicken Salad –Grilled or Roasted   260 (5s)  
Side Salad   70 (2s)

BLT Cobb ½ salad 230
Apple Pecan Chicken ½ salad 180 (no pecans)
Pomegranate Vinaigrette 60
Garden Side Salad 25
5 piece Chicken Nuggets 230 bbq sauce 45
Jr. Hamburger 230
Ultimate Chicken Grill 370     
Burger King
Wopper Jr. 260–mayo 260
Hamburger  260
Chicken Tenders 4-180 5-230 6-270
Value Onion Ring 150
Chicken Garden Salad 300 No dressing
Garden Salad 70
Spicy Chick’n Crisp sandwich 300 –mayo
Tendergrill chicken sandwich 360 –mayo
Side salad 40  no dressing
BBQ 40 Buffalo 80
These are the places I frequent the most. However you can see that their isn't a whole lot you can eat when doing this. Better choices are salads with no, or little dressing. Or Subway!


  1. Love that you are figuring out a way to LIVE without having to change your whole life. :)

  2. Agree with Karilynn... sometimes we are stuck with the lesser of two evils. Make sure you're deciding BEFORE you get to that drive thu what you're eating and you'll be more likely to stick with that decision. Also, I've found that avoiding the drive thru makes a difference. Often if i have to get out of the car and go in I'd just as soon go home and dig something up to eat. LOL SO, my extra suggestion would be walk inside... you'll burn a couple extra calories in the process and it's not really much slower. :0) Good luck!