Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls Camp

Girls camp went a lot better then I could have hoped for. The food options were not as fatty as I would have expected, they offered fruits with most meals and salads with a few meals too. I kept to my goal of not eating sugars. On my birthday (Wednesday) I was given 2 sugar free peppermint patties I did eat those. Funny I kinds even felt a bit guilty about it. It's then that I realized that it's not necessarily the sugar, it's the sweets. You can still eat too many sugar free items as you can regular.
My brother said to me just the other day; What are you going to do when you start putting sugar back into your eating? It's then that I realized that I'm not at a point where I could even think about doing that and not gain back the weight that I've lost.
So I know that I will one day add them, but I beginning to understand that it's a lot father off then I'd like it to be. However, when the time comes I will most defiantly eat WAY less then I have.
I did get in a great 2 hour hike and walked lots! I was please that when I weighed my self when I got home that I didn't gain a thing! Matter of fact I think I may have lost some. That made me very pleased and now I will keep to my guns and see this thing through.

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